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On Joel And Interlude... [Mar. 25th, 2009|11:34 am]
The Book of Fluids
I apologize. I've been with the sickness for the past few days, so forgive me if my congestion comes across in this post.

One of the observations I made in writing about Joel was that his goals and reasons for being have changed dramatically over the course of the past couple years since I first came up with the angel/demon. I think a good part of that evolution comes from my changing viewpoints of my personal faith over the years. It became difficult in the middle of the short story to deliver what I thought would be Joel's driving desire. At some points in the Book of Fluids, he simply wants to kill Oscar. In other points, he wants to "rejoin" with him in some kind of Vader/Skywalker-esque fashion. I think it got to a point that I didn't even properly understand how they came to be and what they wanted. Even as separate extremes, they both have their own opposing balances. Joel's typically nasty all throughout–just to varying degrees–but Oscar has moments where he is less than "pious" and not just due to the effects of the Soul Mirror.

Also, having read recent developments, I've started taking a real hard look at Interlude... I had always been under the impression that the piece was supplemental and not required reading--moreso believed that based on the fact that so much of it seems like inside jokes. And I'm on the outside.

But my first clue that I should have taken better notice comes with Geschichte der Palantenna, where it recounts Lord Gauss' confrontation with Lady First Critic Ninqueriel, ruler of Palantenna, daughter of Anaxerretibes.

Of course, I've always been confused as to where the Pyramid is. First, Mihai Costescu finds it on the home planet of the Chamaleen. Then it's orbiting Gamazoha Prime on OCON-G. Then we find out it's been on far off Palantenna for centuries upon centuries? Was this one of those evolutionary writing developments that are a natural result of the project, or am I mistaking the Pyramid for something else? After all, they don't come right out and say Pyramid, they say [cube upon the rock?].

Then I'm certain there's other small details hidden within the remainder of Interlude... but I just haven't had the opportunity to delve further.

[User Picture]From: helarxe
2009-03-31 04:57 pm (UTC)
The Pyramid turned out not to be an object/building/place but a metaphysical pattern of relationships.
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