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book_of_fluids's Journal

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The Book of Fluids
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Once upon a time, there was a group of four individuals of different origins, different beliefs, and different opinions. Separated by land and sea, they met each other upon the vast web of telecommunications called The Internet and became friends. Then one day, they started writing a story. An epic saga of philosophy, religion and universal destruction:

The Book of Fluids. This website is its home.

Vincit Omnibus did stuff. That was his job. For the right price, he'd do just about anything. He figured on being an Earth-bound private eye, stuck in the run-down industrial town of Citru for the rest of his Yog-awful life. Then one day, a girl showed up with a small rock and changed Vinny's world forever...

Oscar Angeles had no memory. He was a wanderer, traveling from place to place across the globe, searching for answers and finding only pain and suffering. He had been constantly pursued for nearly a decade now by his evil twin--a demonic mirror image of his angelic self--and he knew for certain he would be doomed to this existence. Until one day, a complete stranger saved his life...

Jon Krigsley relied on his faith. Years of training had turned him into a model disciple for the Order--a paladin. All was black or white in his eyes, and he would live his life unwavering for the Lord until the Glorious Appearing. That is, until the day his masters sent him to retrieve a most powerful object, indeed...

Wernher Gauss was to be king. He was practically a deity to his people, the proud dragons of Gamezoha. Despite his grand destiny, he was torn by the senselessness of the universe, the unfair trappings that kept him from his true love, and the cold gaze of his secretive teacher. He had resigned himself to the politics of life: corruption, war and death. But that was before he undertook the Eighteenth Trial...

From time and space, through innumerable quantum dimensions, events unfold that bring this four unlikely souls together to face evil in many different forms, and they'll soon learn that EVERYTHING is connected to EVERYTHING. And sometimes, when you have to save everything, you need to start from scratch...

The Book lives. It breathes. It thinks and it is. We do not write The Book... The Book writes us. Sound like you're kind of game? Then won't you play with us?